Form Use Instructions

Preparing for your Resin Pour:

Apply a mold release agent such as Stoner or Honeywax to ensure a long and healthy life for your form. Spray releases are not recommended. Use per manufacturer recommendations. 

Select your desired lumber and preseal any live edges that will come in contact with your resin. 

Place your lumber in your chosen location and use the included HDPE clamp bars in conjunction with the integrated t-track and the HDPE clamp blocks to loosely hold your wood in place. There is no need to really "crank down" on the clamp blocks, as a light pressure is all that is needed to keep your wood from floating. If the clamp bars are bending, you're clamping too hard. 

Pouring your Resin:

Mix your resin according to the manufacturer's instructions and pour into your prepared form. Allow resin to cure according to manufacturer's instructions. 

Removing the Blank from the Form: 

With this design, it is only necessary to remove one of the two short sides of the form. Both short sides are removable if your blank gives you any trouble.

To remove your blank, remove the end cap(s) by removing the 3 bolts on the side you have chosen to remove. These bolts are paired with galvanized steel threaded inserts to ensure the long life of your form. This means the removing and reinserting of the bolt will not wallow out the plastic from repeated use, like regular screws would do.

Take a wide chisel or putty knife and place the chisel blade, flat side against the HDPE, at the point where the blank meets the form's bottom piece, then lightly tap the chisel with a hammer. The blank will pop lose from the form and you will be able to pull it from the form very easily. If your thicker blank is giving you a bit of trouble and needs a little added encouragement, you can remove the other end cap the same way.

Resetting the Form for the Next Pour:

Take the end cap(s) that you removed and ensure the gasket is fully seated and free of any debris. Reattach the end cap, apply chosen releasing agent per manufactures recommendations and you are ready for another pour. It is THAT easy!

Template Use Instructions:

  1. Attach template to workpiece with double sided tape, or trace the shape onto your workpiece.
  2. Trim the excess material around the master template (or drawn shape) as close as you can get without damaging the template.
  3. Use the router with guide bearing (or chosen tool) to trim the blank to the exact shape of the template.

This allows you to quickly and efficiently repeat this shape as many times as you like. Knob handles (not included) can be attached to either side of the template so that you can choose the orientation you like without having to work off the bottom of your blank.