Caring For Your Form

Steps to insure a long lasting Ahonui Artisans Form

A good form is like any other tool worth its investment. Worthy of proper maintenance to ensure the lasting life of its intended use.

Using Mold Release

Although HDPE has a natural aversion for anything "sticky", and will not allow resin to chemically bond to its surface. It is strongly recommended that a Mold Release be used with all of our forms. Epoxy resin is corrosive by nature and will create microscopic pitting in the plastic that can not be seen with the naked eye. This will create a surface that the "water like" resin can mechanically adhere to making your form much harder to use and will shorten its life. For this reason we have listed a couple of options for mold release, with links, on our main page. Spray releases are not recommended as they are ultimately harder to discern whether or not you have sufficiently covered the pour surface. Please read and adhere to all manufactured recommendations and instructions for your chosen Mold Release.

Silicone Gasket Seal

The red, press fit gasket used to ensure your form is properly sealed will last for many pours. However, as stated above, resin is a corrosive material and will eventually break down the seal. During manufacturing of our forms, a layer of silicone grease (o ring grease), is applied to the gasket to ensure a longer life. This silicon grease can be reapplied if you feel as though it is looking dry or worn out. We have included a link to the grease we use here in the shop, on our main page. New gasket material can be purchased from us here at Ahonui Artisans if you feel the time is right for replacement. 

By taking these quick and easy steps to ensure proper maintenance of your form, you can be sure to enjoy the long lasting benefits of your investment. For any questions, please contact us at or on Instagram @ahonuiartisans