Does the form come Preassembled?

Yes, all forms are pre assembled minus the clam bars. 

Is the use of a releasing agent needed when using your forms?

Due to recent unforeseen circumstances in the plastic and resin industries, it is now wholly recommended to use a releasing agent, such as Stoner or Honeywax, to ensure a long and healthy life for your HDPE form.  Use of a spray release is not recommended. Application Instructions provided by the manufacturers of releasing agent for first/ subsequent pours should Be followed.

Do you offer custom sizing?

We do not offer custom sizes, but we are constantly working with makers in the community to bring you new sizes that suit a number of needs in our respective markets. 

Will you ship internationally?

Yes! We are happy to provide forms to international destinations. Please visit our Shipping page for more information on international shipping. 

What resin do you use?

We only use Super Clear Liquid Glass Epoxy Resin for my main body pours, and Super Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin for pre-sealing our lumber. 

What finish do you use?

We use Walrus Oil products on all of our boards that are not completed with a flood coat. 

What grit abrasive do you finish with?

We finish with 320 grit when using opaque pigments. When doing 2 stage, 3 stage, or clear pours, we sand to 220 and finish with a flood coat.