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Super Clear Epoxy Systems

We have partnered with FGCI to bring you the most well rounded and rigorously tested resins on the market.

Super Clear has an impeccable customer service team available to help you with all of your epoxy resin needs. 

All FGCI Super Clear Epoxy Products are manufactured in St. Petersburg, Florida.

15% off your first order of Super Clear Products with Form Purchase

Super Clear Website

Black Diamond Pigments

Black Diamond Pigments offers a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.

Add these brilliant, responsibly sourced, synthetic Mica Powder Pigments to your clear resin to get that perfect color you've been looking for.

Black Diamond Pigments is a United States Based company out of St. Augustine, Florida. 

15% off your first order of Black Diamond Pigments with Form Purchase

Black Diamond Website

Walrus Oil Wood Finishes

Walrus Oil offers a wide variety of natural wood finishes, from cutting board oils and waxes to furniture finishes and butters. 

No walrus are harmed in the making of Walrus Oil products ;)

Walrus Oil products are manufactured and bottled in St. Louis, Missouri.

10% off your first order of Walrus Oil products with Form Purchase

Walrus Oil Website

Stoner Mold Release

“Stoner Mold Release Wax is a blend of imported waxes specially formulated to provide a maximum number of releases per application.”

Purchase Stoner Mold Release here

Honey Wax Mold Release

“SIMPLE APPLICATION! Easily Spray Or Brush On! Stays Where You Need It With No Shrinking Or Staining!

EFFORTLESS RELEASE! Glossy, Smooth Mold Release From Surface. Remove Residue With A Single Wipe!

PROFESSIONAL HIGH QUALITY GRADE! Effortless Surface, Painless Process!

MULTIPLE PULLS! Remains Intact For Multiple Uses!100% U.S. MADE!“

Purchase Honey Wax Mold Release Here

Silicone (O-Ring) Grease

To rejuvenate and extend the life of your forms gasket.

Purchase Silicone Grease Here

"Quality craftsmanship with all the materials to get started. Owner was quick to reply to questions. I would highly recommend his product to anyone!" 


Just received my form and I am so excited to use it! The quality is amazing and all the small details with the product and accessories is much appreciated. Shipped fast, as well. This is exactly what I needed, thank you!!

Stephanie L

"This mold is a god send!"

James M

"Excited to use it, wrapped well, detailed instructions, should be fun!"

Sully Art

Jon's service is top notch and these molds make the epoxy pouring process a walk in the park. I've ordered five of these to date and he'll be my go to guy when it's time to order more.

Tom G

Fast shipping & great communication. Love Jon and his products! Will be purchasing a large form soon!

RCH Woodwork

This was shipped right on time like Jon said it would, packaging was amazing as well


Came faster than anticipated. Already used it and love how easy it is work with. Seller was easily reachable via social media. Total pleasure to order from! Thank you!

Dina DinaDeeDesigns

The most well made resin form on the market. I use this form everyday in my shop. It improves my shop so much I needed to buy another one. As my shop progresses I will be buying more. The packaging and shipping is top notch and the owner, Jon, is willing to help you in every way possible. If you are looking for resin forms, look no further. Thank you for making shops around the world better everyday.

Matthew RedsWoodDesign