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Kiln Dried Black Walnut Burl for Ahonui Artisans (20.5x12.5) Reusable Resin Form

Kiln Dried Black Walnut Burl for Ahonui Artisans (20.5x12.5) Reusable Resin Form

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NOTICE: All lumber sales from will be drop shipped from Tahoe Slab company 3-5 business days from the time of purchase. Please allow extra time for shipping during holiday weekends and busy seasons. 

                                         What you see, Is what you get!

            What's included:

-(5) Pieces of Kiln Dried Black Walnut Burl 

      What you've all been asking for! This partnership with Tahoe Slab Company has been a long time coming and we have spent many months putting together these sets for you guys to make it as easy as possible to get your projects started using my forms.

      These sets are perfect for the maker that has minimal tools for breaking down lumber and could really use the leg up on good lumber in smaller quantitates. So if that's you, then you're all set! However, these kits aren't just limited to those with minimal tools or space. They can be enjoyed by makers of all shop size, tool collections and skill levels. Grab a kit and get to the fun part!

      Black walnut burl pieces sized to fit my 20.5 inch form. Length and width of these pieces vary but the thickness is a consistent 1.5” giving you plenty of room to play with and make whatever you can come up with.

      The pieces you see in the photo ARE THE EXACT pieces you will receive. These are not photos of "what you may receive", but the exact pieces. Both Tahoe Slabs and I agree that showing exactly what you will receive is better for the you, the customer, so you can properly plan your project and  be happy with your purchase.

      All pre sized lumber kits come extremely well dried from Tahoe Slab Company. All of these kits spend months on end in an IDRY Vacuum Kiln to ensure that not only is the wood dry, but free of all little critters that can SERIOUSLY ruin a project, and your day.